Prime Dekaron - [Server Info w/Guide]

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Prime Dekaron - [Server Info w/Guide]

Post by Necro » Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:41 pm

This is the general guide of this server! Please read it through to understand it better!

Blake made a guide more intended for the very beginners of this server, check it out here:
Short newbie guide:
Video guide: (Watch it in HD!)

A short explanation on how to play this game aswell as a guideline on how to proceed to make the most of the time you spend!

First off, we got working f1-f10 keys, We got fully working Sacred Claw, Loginscreen notification, seguripper selfres, event server, some special stuff in stock but not in use yet, such as buff pets and leveling runes.

This server is ALL but an ordinary pserver!

Engame mapfarming/Lvling:
Lv.165 Miterra( Prime Essence + ilipia gear +0 )
Lv.165+ Deadfront Hell (Best exp part from events)
Lv.190+ Tower (Great exp + Purchase points, 50k per run)
Lv.190+ Arcadia (Awakening materials for new armlets)

At the fountain in Ardeca there are gear and weapon shops available from starting lvls and untill lvl 130.
The 130 set is made +9 aswell as an empowered 130 weapon, those items are free for everyone!
Npc Asray have wings for lvl 102 and lvl 150 for all characters!

Once you reach lvl 165, the map Miterra is available, this map contains fairly easy mobs that drop 20k dils and drops "*Prime Essence
This map is a good zone to start making your way towards Lv.190 aswell as doing Deadfront!

When you made it this far, its time to start gather up a party and take a look on what this game has to really offer!

There are a few main activites, following:
-Pk boss rooms
-Sacred claw

Deadfront: Offers good exp towards the very end lvls on this server, aswell as the bosses drop *Prime Orbs and they have the unique droptable of Armlets and Belts. This is the only place where you can obtain those items! If you are winning party of Deadfront there is a chance to retrieve 3day main necklace such as Orphina's Seal, or Clear water of Volcano!

Pk Boss Rooms: There are 6 Bossportals in middle of ardeca city where you can enter at any given level, those are hard and ferocious but they do give a wealthy drop once dead! They drop 10x *Prime Orbs aswell as 30m dils. Beware that this room is accessable by anyone, nomatter if they have Battle status/Niete status, make sure you get your boss aggro and do not let anyone else Killsteal it from you, or killing your party meanwhile!

Sacred Claw: This dungeon is located next to the npc Arenar, and by all means, this dungeon is one good farm dungeon!
The last boss in this dungeon has a chance of dropping Golden Dragon Weapon Boxes, aswell as Dragon Auras!

DKSQ: Fighting map where you will be rewarded with gradepoints and *purchase points

Tower: This dungeon has been tuned to be hard. One run gives above 50k PP. With a full party, you will run through it easy!

Arcadia: This is the 190+ Map. From here you can start farm Awakening materials for your awakening armlets!
This map also yields a high rate of ilipia gears +0!

Explanation on the (*)symbols:
Prime orbs/Prime essence: Npc Jack will exchange 1x Prime orb = 10x Prime essence
Npc Leanne(Prime essence shop): Offers alot of fine goodies that is gonna make your character powerful!

Purchase points: Those are used at Npc Karin to purchase powerful rings and necklases aswell as earrings! It is also possible to purchase the crafting materials called "Maverics" to fortify you armlets and belts that you obtain from Deadfront!

Best gear: Illipia set +9 ( Helmet MC2 +9)
Illipia items are bought +0 and you need Fortify hammers to upgrade them!
You get Mc2 +9 from box fully upgraded.

Best weapon: Golden Dragon Weapons +10!

Best accessories: Karin npc has infinite stock of the best jewelleries out there!

Upgrade rate: Armors/Weapons
+1 100%
+2 100%
+3 100%
+4 100%
+5 80%
+6 80%
+7 40%
+8 40%
+9 30%
+10 17%

Once you made yourself lvl 170 you can purchase your first meister skills!
They work like this example:
If you made an Azure Knight you will have to choose between 2 different meister skill trees
Either 2h or Dualwield

You CAN NOT have both activated on same skill window.

When you open first meister skillbook shop you will see 2 different skillbooks for your char, and each of them is from a different meister tree.
Meaning as an Azure knight you can choose between: Velox(Dualwield) and Grandis(2h)
Once one of those are learnt, you must proceed with the same type of meister skills
Meaning if I chose to take Dualwield
I can only use as following:

You can not have both dualwield and 2h activated on same time.
Every class has this system, and you simple just have to check what meister skills you would prefer to have.
And if you decide to change, you got a free skill reset!
If you then want to reset once more, you need to use a "Masters mistake" from dshop.


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