Hallo, I am Mami!

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Hallo, I am Mami!

Post by kilop192 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:25 am

Hey everybody :mrgreen: I am Mami!

Honestly, at first, I thought I was going to avoid everybody. Be the silent type, yaknow? Only here for the gameplay and PvP - since PvP is what I live for. Though, that all changed when I met some of my old friends from other server(s) in the community! Some old usernames you may know me as are:
  • SweetMami
  • SourMami
  • SugarMami
  • SpicyMami
  • Beeparoni
  • Chaosta
  • MagicalFury
  • KnuckleSammich
  • Some others I forgot :D
But ever since I met up with a few of my old friends, I just couldn't resist. Now I'm here trying to see if there's possibly any more! I actually just joined yesterday since the date of this thread creation. I am a Segnale named Mami C: Currently, I am level 194 and I am grinding for gears. You may have seen me in DKSQ being killed in 1-2 skills by 16-32k crits!

Even so, I really must say... you guys have done an amazing job keeping this server actually not pay2win. Honestly, I am so sick of just about every single Dekaron private server forcing me to donate like $300+ just to get a maxed set. Whereas in here, I can easily grind for it and it's pretty straightforward! There's just a few things that I had trouble finding, like where to get tombstone coupons, but an old friend of mine let me know it was through DKSQ. When I heard that, I was like yaaasss b*tchhh :D

On top of this, from what I've seen, the balancing on this server is actually really good! I was surprised! I've really never seen such a balanced server before, and I am sure I'm going to enjoy my time here very much. Like, as expected, summoners are very strong. But not just summoners! Even staff summoners hurt like F :!: :!: :!: and can be a bit difficult to kill if they're experienced with that class.

I also really love the "tree" perk for the miester skills. Mostly because that's how it's supposed to be anyways. The fact a server has actually implemented that in is just great. That forces Bagis to actually use their older skills and rely on KB's, rather than just spamming 170s and 180s! Honestly, just really good layout guys, I am so proud :'( <3

So far, it's been a little over a year since I've played Dekaron. My last "adventure" in this realm kind of left me feeling hurt and a little betrayed. So I tried to stay away from it. But our friendly member Chrystella, who loves me and I love her, have always been friends and she told me that she was playing - as well as some of my old friends, who I simply lost contact with after the last server I was on! So, knowing that, I had to come take a peek at what was poppin' here!

I'm not going to lie, I joined with the sole intention of not staying. I just wanted to see what was up, and maybe get some contact information with those old friends I mentioned. But just the sheer quality of the server and meeting up with more friends than I had imagined, I had to stay! And since I was staying, I (of course) had to bring my one-and-only-never-play-Dekaron-without-each-other friend DeMarcus! Who's once again made an AK and named him FredoSantana :D You may know him as:
  • RunBoi
  • DoubleRainbow
  • Emasculated
  • BasedGod
  • Some others I forgot :D
Anyways, I'm sorry for typing so much, I just have a lot on my mind and I really do love forum products :3 Whaelp Dekaron Prime... You're stuck with me now! :twisted:

Mami <3

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Re: Hallo, I am Mami!

Post by [GM]Blake » Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:12 pm

Welcome to Prime Dekaron!

Join in at our Official Discord channel, and you may discuss your topics with the rest of the community there!

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