Class Championship Tournament! [Feb 2018]

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Class Championship Tournament! [Feb 2018]

Post by [GM]Blake » Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:59 am

Registration is OPEN until Feb. 4, 2018! 16:00 Server Time!

Official Bracket List : Watch the Video here :

PvP Start Time : 14:00 Server Time
PvP End Time : 20:00 Server Time

Check Server Time here : ... html?n=195

You can choose to PvP or not around 14:00 - 18:00 Server Time but when we call your names @ 18:00 - 20:00 Server Time you must PvP or else disqualified.

We will start calling names (class in order AK till VS) in 18:00 Server Time. If you're called by a [GM] and you're offline you have 5 minutes to to get
Online In-Game / reconnect (if DCed) or you'll be disqualified.

Part 1 : Sunday Feb. 11, 2018 (All Fight = 15mins / BO3) Part 2 : Sunday Feb. 18, 2018 (All Fight = 15mins / BO3) RULES
  • Class Championships will start on Feb. 11 / 18
  • Open for all levels and classes.
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to CC once the Tournament Starts. (If you registered HB then you must be HB once the tourny starts or else you'll be automatically disqualified from the tournament)
  • Pet is Allowed
  • Registered players need to be online and ready when the event starts, if you're called by a [GM] and you're offline you'll have 5 minutes or you'll be disqualified.
  • Players are only allowed to register TWO CHARACTERS in this event, if you're caught registering more than TWO characters you're automatically disqualified.
  • Getting disconnected during the PvP will be considered a loss.
  • Cheating, glitching, and/or abusing during the event will result in forfeiture of match and jail.
  • Disrespecting staff will not be tolerated in any form. This includes written or verbal comments and may result in forfeiture of match and jail.
  • LAGGING will not be considered an excuse.
  • No skill & build (stats) resetting when your name is called.
  • Disconnected during the fight = Auto lose

Make sure you guys not only check the time of when your class is scheduled but the day as well. The event will be for 2 Days (Only on Sundays Feb. 11 & 18 and only 6 classes per day so that people don't have to wait around because we know time is precious and nobody likes to wait.

*Note: Times may change for each day to suit the hosting Players time frame, please keep a eye on this thread for changes.


Class Champion:
  • {Champion} name tag + 50$ (61,500 D-Shop Coins)
  • Changing class once the "Champion name tag" has been provided will not grant you the tag on the new class. It would be removed.
1st Runner Up:
  • 25$ (28,750 D-Shop Coins)


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